Follow me (32) and The Wife (28) on our journey to Financial Freedom, if you want. I’m a British teacher and The Wife is a teaching assistant and we currently work and reside overseas in South East Asia.

We used to live payday to payday. Spend, spend, spend. Middle-class with some nice stuff and pretty much flat broke.

Sound familiar?

We started our journey to financial independence in April 2018 after my financial epiphany. We vowed never to live from one pay packet to the next ever again.

I got interested in budgeting, which led to being interested in saving, which led to being interested in investing.

Oh, how I wish I’d been interested 10 years ago!

I wasn’t so here we are.

On the blog, I’ll post monthly updates on our progress to freedom, net worth updates, track the investment portfolio and other related content that I’m interested in. We’ll see how it goes from there.

Take a look around.

Keep flying high,


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